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The format of the Subscribe Pro email templates are based on the fast, flexible and secure TWIG PHP template engine.

To edit the email templates we recommend a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS as our templates are based on these languages.

There are two basic parts you need to know about:

  • the subject
  • the body

Here is a copy of an email template code:

Subscribe Pro Email Template Sample Code


Note the Open tag for the Subject (line 1)

{% block subject -%}

... and the Close tag for the Subject (line 3)

{%- endblock %}

Same for the body tags respectively (lines 5 and 29) 

DO NOT Change or alter these tags, they need to stay intact.


You can make any changes you wish to the HTML/CSS between the <body> </body> tags within the template, adding text, content, tables and even email template variables.

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