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One of the most common and popular dashboard pages in the Subscribe Pro Platform is the Subscriptions page where store admins can look at an overview of the subscriptions their customers have placed.

To get to the Subscriptions Page once logged into the Subscriptions Pro Platform, navigate to Manage Subscriptions > Subscriptions


Each Subscription is listed and can be sorted by the Subscription ID, Account name, Customer Name, Subscrition Status, Next Order date for the subscription, when the subscription was created and last updated.


You have the option to 'Edit', 'Delete' or 'View' the order from here.  The changes and adjustments you make on the platform will be reflected on your order fulfillment admin over on your Magento store.

What happens when the next order date for a subscription occurs, the platform will create the order over on Magento and you can fulfull the order just as you can any other order, it becomes part of your natural flow. 


Creating a New Order

You can create a new order using the subscriptions admin. On the Subscription for which you want to manually create a new order, click on the shopping cart icon under the 'Actions' column. From this one click, a new order will be manually created and will reflect over on your Magento Store admin.


Manually Creating New Subscriptions

You have the ability to manually create subscriptions from the Subscribe Pro Platform Management Admin.

By clicking on the  button near the bottom of the page, you are taken to a form where you can create the Subscription Manually.

Here you can enter the Customer, Subscription Status (typically set to Active), Next Order Date, the Subscription Interval, Authorize.NET Payment Profile ID, last 4 digits of the credit card already on that Profile ID, a billing address already entered for that Magento customer with the Authorize.NET Payment Profile ID, a valid Coupon Code a Magento Shipping Address ID relating to the customer profile, and a valid Magento Shipping Method Code. Then click the  button at the button to manually create this product.


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