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The Subscriptions Intervals page lists all the intervals that are available to your subscriptions if you so decide to add them in the default 'Subscription Settings' Account Configuration page.

To get to the Subscriptions Intervals Page, navigate to System > Subscription Intervals

The Subscription Intervals page lists (and sorts by) Interval Title, Interval Type, and Interval Length.

Editing Subscription Intervals

You can edit the subscription intervals by clicking the  icon under the 'Actions' column of the interval you wish to edit.

You are then presented with a subscriptions interval detail screen that allows you to update the items of this subscription interval including Interval Title, Length and Type.

Clicking on the  button then updates this interval.


Deleting Subscription Intervals

To delete a particular subscription interval, click on the  icon under the 'Actions' column for the interval you wish to remove.

You will get a confirmation alert that says 'Are you sure you want to delete this element?' Click 'OK' to confirm removal.


Adding Subscription Intervals

To add a Subscription Interval, click on the  button near the bottom of the Interval list page.

This will bring up a form with 3 fields for Interval Title, Length and Interval Type. Clicking on the  button then creates this interval. 


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