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The Subscriptions product page lists all the Products you have created relating to the subscriptions that your customers can place.

To get to the Subscriptions Product Page, navigate to Manage Subscriptions > Subscription Products

The subscriptions product page lists (and sorts by) the Subscription products by related account, sku, product name, enabled (or not) for the subscription, full price, discount (as a percentage), when those products were created and when they were last updated.

Editing Subscription Products

You can edit the subscription products by clicking the  icon under the 'Actions' column of the product you wish to edit.

You are then presented with a subscriptions product detail screen that allows you to update the items of this subscription product including enabling and disabling this product for subscription and adding the 'intervals' that this product can be subscribed to.

These subscription product changes are then immediately reflected on your Magento Store front and admin for all subscriptions placed moving forward.


Creating New Subscription Products

You have the ability to manually create subscription products from the Subscribe Pro Platform Management Admin.

By clicking on the  button near the bottom of the page, you are taken to a form where you can create the Subscription Product.

By entering the SKU, Product Name, Check Enabled for Subscription (typically checked for product to be active), Full Product Price, Discount (in %), and Intervals for the product and clicking on the button, the subscription product is created.


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