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Subscribe Pro has the ability to send an Upcoming Subscription Order email to your customers, notifying them that their next order will ship soon.  There are a number of configuration settings which control the scheduling of this email.  To ensure the Upcoming Order transactional email is scheduled for your customer subscriptions, check the following configuration settings:

  1. Ensure that Subscription Order Generation is Enabled.  Under System > Configuration > Subscription Settings, check the Enable Daily Subscription Order Generation checkbox.


  2. Ensure that Upcoming Subscription Order transactional email is NOT Disabled.  Under System > Configuration > Email Settings, uncheck the Disable Email: upcoming_subscription_order checkbox.


  3. Set the number of days ahead of the upcoming order date which the email notification should be sent to your customer.  Under System > Configuration > Email Settings, set the Send Email n Days Ahead of Order setting.  The default value is 2 days ahead.


  4. Set the time of day for sending Upcoming Order emails.  Under System > Configuration > Email Settings, set the Send Email At time setting to the correct time of day.  NOTE: This setting is set in UTC time.



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