SFCC Credit Card Type Configuration

When Subscribe Pro places a recurring order to OCAPI our system sets a credit card type code in the payment instrument portion of the request, depending on the card type selected on the payment profile.

Additionally, when SFCC is building the payment profile data to send to Subscribe Pro, SFCC card type code is mapped to the corresponding Subscribe Pro card type code. This mapping is defined in Business Manager under Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Methods > Credit/Debit Cards > Subscribe Pro Card Type.

In the table below, you can find the default card type codes we send to OCAPI, and the type codes that must be set in the "Subscribe Pro Card Type" field for each card type in Business Manager.

Card Type NameSubscribe Pro Card Type CodeSFCC Card Type Code
MasterCardmasterMaster Card
American Expressamerican_expressAmex
Diners Clubdiners_clubDinersClub
Union PayunionpayUnionPay

NOTE: We are able to customize the card types codes that we send to OCAPI. If your payment processor integration requires different card type codes, please contact [email protected].