3rd Party Extension Compatibility

Subscribe Pro works well out of the box with most other Magento 1 extensions. However, due to the complexity of the subscription integration and the Magento checkout process, and because many extensions do not test their extensions with API ordering use cases that Subscribe Pro relies on for recurring orders, any extension that modifies the add to cart, checkout, or payment, or ordering processes may cause unexpected issues that require custom development.

Known Compatible 3rd Party Extensions

The following 3rd Party Extensions are known to be basically compatible with the Subscribe Pro Magento 1 extension out of the box:

Amasty Payment RestrictionsAmasty_Payrestriction1.0.5
AheadWorks Points & RewardsAW_Points1.7.4
Fooman Advanced PromotionsFooman_AdvancedPromotions1.3.24
MexBS Tiered CouponsMexbx_Tieredcoupon1.0.1

Known 3rd Party Extension Conflicts

Unirgy Gift Certificate Extension

The Unirgy_Giftcert extension conflicts with Subscribe Pro.

To make the two extensions work together, make the following change to the Unirgy code.

In app/code/community/Unirgy/Giftcert/Block/Payment/Methods.php, around approximately line 10, change this:

class Unirgy_Giftcert_Block_Payment_Methods
    extends Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage_Payment_Methods
class Unirgy_Giftcert_Block_Payment_Methods
    extends SFC_Autoship_Block_Checkout_Onepage_Payment_Methods

Additionally, in app/code/community/Unirgy/Giftcert/Helper/Payment.php, change this:

class Unirgy_Giftcert_Helper_Payment
    extends Mage_Payment_Helper_Data

to this:

class Unirgy_Giftcert_Helper_Payment
    extends SFC_Autoship_Helper_Payment

JSONP Checkout Mode and Most One Page Checkout Extensions

The JSONP checkout mode of the Subscribe Pro Vault payment method feature in our 1.3.x extension versions relies on intercepting javascript code from the standard Magento checkout flow. The correct JSONP javascript calls will need to be triggered from whatever javascript code is part of any 3rd party checkout extension used.