Step 4 - Configure Magento-to-Subscribe Pro Connection

  1. Login to the Subscribe Pro platform. Navigate to System > API Clients. There should be an API client record which was created automatically for use with your Magento store. It is also possible to create a new API client record to regenerate the credentials. Click the View icon next to the API client credentials you would like to use for your Magento store to connect to the Subscribe Pro platform. Note these credentials so you can enter them later in the Magento admin panel.

    View API Clients

  2. In the Magento Admin panel, navigate to System > Configuration > SUBSCRIBE PRO > General:

    Extension Configuration

  3. Under System > Configuration > SUBSCRIBE PRO > General > General, ensure that the Subscription Features Enabled setting is set to Enabled.

  4. Under System > Configuration > SUBSCRIBE PRO > General > Subscribe Pro Platform API Connection:

    • Set Platform Hostname to:
    • Set the Client ID and Client Secret to the credentials from your Subscribe Pro Environment.
    • Set Log Platform API Requests to Yes during installation and testing.

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