Step 6 - Configure Subscribe Pro Vault Payment Method

Sandbox environments may only use a generic Test gateway offered by our vault. Test modes and sandbox gateway accounts available from your gateway provider do not work with Subscribe Pro.

New sandbox environments have a test gateway enabled by default, so these steps must only be followed when setting up a live gateway on your production environment.

Click here for information about testing with the Subscribe Pro Test Gateway.

  1. To configure a payment gateway account, login to the Subscribe Pro Merchant App here and navigate to System > Payment Gateway Accounts and click the New button.

    Payment Gateway Accounts

  2. Select the Gateway Type and Authorization Mode and enter the appropriate credentials for your gateway. Enter a Name for your gateway account. Click the Save button.

    Add a New Payment Gateway Account

  3. Navigate to System > Configuration > Payment Settings. Under Subscribe Pro Vault > Payment Gateway Account, select the gateway account you created in the prior steps.

    Activate Your Gateway Record

  4. Under Payment Vault > Magento Payment Method, make sure Subscribe Pro Vault Payment Method is selected. This is selected by default for Magento environments.

  5. Login to the Magento Admin panel. Navigate to System > Configuration > SALES > Payment Methods > Subscribe Pro Vault.

    Magento Payment Method Configuration

  6. Configure the following settings for the Subscribe Pro Vault payment method:

    • Enabled should be set to Yes.
    • Enabled for Non-Subscription Transactions should be set to Yes only if you would like to use the Subscribe Pro vault for non-subscription transactions.
    • Enable "Save Card" Checkbox during Checkout should be set to Yes.
  7. Configure your desired Credit Card Types, Payment Action, Title, Accepted Currency and country settings per Magento's typical payment method configuration protocols.

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