MySubscriptions Widget

Subscribe Pro's MySubscriptions Widget provides a responsive mobile and desktop UI/UX for customers to self-service their subscriptions. For example, allowing them to choose a different credit card or shipping address or to skip their next delivery.

Hosted vs. Native

In most cases, we recommend you choose the Hosted MySubscriptions Widget over our native integration options. This will ensure you get the best customer experience we currently offer. It also ensures you can easily receive updates and improvements to the widget and the customer experience as our team releases them.

However, if you’d like your developer or systems integrator to build a ground-up bespoke experience for returning customers, you may want to consider using our native widget integrations as a starting point and working directly with the Subscribe Pro API.

Implementing the Widget

The MySubscriptions Widget is already implemented in our pre-built e-commerce platform integrations. The widget may also be implemented on any website by qualified web developer.

Steps to Implement on Any Website

  1. Authenticate with Subscribe Pro API - Server Side

  2. Create a Page on Your Website with JavaScript Tags for the Widget