My Subscriptions Widget

Provides a responsive mobile and desktop UI/UX for customers to self-service their subscriptions. For example, allowing them to choose a different credit card or shipping address or to skip their next delivery.

Implementing the Widget

The My Subscriptions Widget is already implemented in our pre-built eCommerce platform integrations. The widget may also be implemented on any website by qualified web developer.

Steps to Implement on Any Website

  1. Authenticate with Subscribe Pro API - Server Side
  2. Create a Page on Your Website with JavaScript Tags for the Widget

Widget Placement on Website

On desktop-sized devices, the My Subscription Widget is designed to be used with a page header and footer provided by the hosting website. The widget is designed to be used either with or without a left navigation menu.

My Subscriptions Widget Preview | Desktop
The My Subscriptions Widget loaded into a preview website on Desktop.

Phone UI/UX

The My Subscriptions Widget includes an alternate layout which is used on phones. On phone-sized devices the widget <div> should fill the entire screen except for a small header.

My Subscriptions Widget Preview | Phone
The My Subscriptions Widget loaded into a preview website on Phone.