Receive Webhooks from Subscribe Pro w/ Pipedream

As an example, below are the steps to follow for creating a webhook endpoint to be notified of subscription cancellations, using Pipedream for demonstration purposes to obtain a test URL that will collect requests made to it.

  1. Go to Pipedream, click "Get Started" and log in with either Google or Github. Click "New Workflow" and select "HTTP / Webhook":

    Pipedream New HTTP/Webhook

  2. Copy the URL for later use when creating the Subscribe Pro Webhook Endpoint.

    Pipedream-generated Webhook URL

  3. In Subscribe Pro, access the Webhook Endpoints feature via System > Webhook Endpoints.

    Subscribe Pro Webhook Endpoints Page

  4. Create a new Webhook Endpoint by selecting the "+New" button.

    Subscribe Pro New Webhook Endpoint

  5. Paste the Pipedream URL that you copied from Step #2 in the "Endpoint URL" field.

    Subscribe Pro Paste Pipedream URL

  6. Un-check the boxes for "Subscribe to All Event Types" and all of the other event types with the exception of the "subscription.cancelled" event type. Click "Save."

    Subscribe Pro Save New Endpoint

  7. You'll receive confirmation that a new endpoint was created and will now need to enable it by selecting the "Enable" button.

    Subscribe Pro Enable New Endpoint

  8. You'll receive confirmation that the endpoint was enabled and can test the connection to your new endpoint by selecting the "Test Connection - Ping Endpoint" button.

    Subscribe Pro Ping Endpoint

  9. Now that the new endpoint is active, you can test it by changing a Subscribe Pro subscription with an "Active" status to a "Cancelled" status and then going back to Pipedream. You may have to refresh the page, but you should see a new event on the left side. Click on it, and under steps.trigger.event > body > webhook_event, you'll see the "subscription.cancelled" event type that triggered this webhook, along with the customer details associated with that particular subscription. The endpoint is now set up.

    Pipedream Endpoint Data