PaymentFields Widget

The PaymentFields widget is a browser based JavaScript library that allows you to collect credit card details from customers, complete 3D Secure authentication, and tokenize the card details for use with the Subscribe Pro API and authorize or capture payments.

The PaymentFields Widget provides a higher level API for handling these tasks than the Subscribe Pro Vault Hosted Iframe and our Commerce Platform APIs.

PaymentFields Widget Example

PaymentFields Widget Features

The PaymentFields Widget provides the following features:

  • Collect credit card details from customers
  • Collect bank account details from customers
  • Collect billing address details from customers
  • Collect shipping address details from customers
  • Initiate and complete 3D Secure 2 authentication of credit cards
  • Tokenize credit card and bank account details for use with the Subscribe Pro API
  • Authorize and capture payments using the Subscribe Pro API