Order Callback - NodeJS Example

Below is a NodeJS example of using the Subscribe Pro Order Callback feature.

For this example, we've set up an Express server to act as our e-commerce platform and handle order placement requests sent from Subscribe Pro.

const express = require('express');
const router = express.Router();
const crypto = require('crypto');

// The shared secret entered in Subscribe Pro:
const SHARED_SECRET = 'yoursecretkey';

// Middleware to authenticate using SHA-256 HMAC algorithm
const authValidate = function (req, res, next) {
  // Get the HMAC header
  const spHmac = req.get('Sp-Hmac');

  // Throw a 403 error if the header doesn't exist
  if (!spHmac) {
      Error: 'Unauthorized request',

  // Use SHA-256 HMAC algorithm to generate hash
  const hmac = crypto.createHmac('sha256', SHARED_SECRET);

  data = hmac.update(JSON.stringify(req.body));

  // Check to be sure the hash signatures match
  if (spHmac === data.digest('hex')) {
  } else {
      Error: 'Unauthorized request',

// Place order on the e-commerce platform using the request data
const placeOrder = function (req, res, next) {
  const orderRequest = req.body;
  console.log('Placing order...');
  // ...
  console.log('Order has been placed.');


// Send back a POST request back to Subscribe Pro with order information
router.post('/', authValidate, placeOrder, function (req, res) {
  // Build order details
  const order = {
    orderNumber: 'ABC-091293923',
    orderDetails: {
      customerId: '123456',
      customerEmail: '[email protected]',
      platformCustomerId: '1234',
      platformOrderId: '091293923',
      orderNumber: 'ABC-091293923',
      salesOrderToken: '89adsfjkl129834kljsad98fuoi123uj489u23894',
      orderStatus: 'placed',
      orderState: 'open',
      orderDateTime: '2021-09-16T17:43:00Z',
      currency: 'USD',
      shippingTotal: '7.2000',
      taxTotal: '4.0000',
      total: '51.2000',
      billingAddress: {
        firstName: 'Joe',
        lastName: 'Customer',
      shippingAddress: {
        firstName: 'Joe',
        lastName: 'Customer',
      items: [
          platformOrderItemId: '735641231234',
          productSku: 'test-product',
          productName: 'Test Product',
          shortDescription: 'Subscribe Pro Test Product',
          qty: '1',
          requiresShipping: true,
          unitPrice: '25.0000',
          shippingTotal: '7.2000',
          taxTotal: '4.0000',
          lineTotal: '36.2000',
          subscriptionId: '543210',

  // Send back the JSON order details with a 201 status code

module.exports = router;

Example Usage

In the following example, we will test recurring order placement using the Order Callback feature and the code above.

  1. In the Subscribe Pro Merchant App, we'll first configure our Order Callback credentials in System > Configuration > Store Connection Settings. (We're using ngrok to access our local Express server publicly.)

Order Callback Configuration

  1. Next, we will go to Manage > Customers, choose a sample customer, and click Edit.

Order Callback Test Customer

  1. Then, we'll find a sample subscription to use and manually place the recurring order by clicking Place Order, selecting "Recurring Order," and clicking the "Place Order" button.

Order Callback Place Test Order 1

Order Callback Place Test Order 2

  1. The subscription is now queued up and will process with the next batch of subscriptions in a couple of minutes. Once the order has completed, you should see the successful order in Subscribe Pro.

Order Callback Test Order Success