Subscribe Pro Integration Methods Overview

Primary E-commerce Platform Integrations

Note that Subscribe Pro offers pre-built integration modules for your primary e-commerce platform integration (for systems such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C and Magento 2). What we describe in this section are integration methods for use with other, auxillary systems.

Subscribe Pro offers many different integration points to integrate with various third party systems. Systems which provide functions like email marketing automation, order management, product information management, customer relationship management, etc.

Push vs. Pull Integration Methods

Push integrations and pull integrations are optimized for different use cases. Push integrations (Subscribe Pro pushes to third party) are ideal for situations when the third party system needs to know about one customer at a time, at the point in time when that customer's data is changing. Pull integrations (third party system pulls data from Subscribe Pro) are optimized for situations where the third party wants to pull a lot of data in bulk on a schedule or when the third party system want to pull data about one customer at a time, each time that customer's data is being interacted with.