Magento 2 Address Format Requirements

Magento 2 requires address data to be formatted in a certain way when it is being added to the cart. When it is improperly formatted, Magento will return error messages that will prevent Subscribe Pro from successfully placing a recurring order.

Magento 2 Address Example

FieldAPI FieldDescriptionRequiredNotesExample
Magento Address IDmagento_address_idThe ID of the address record in the Magento database.NoThis should only be used in our Magento 1 integration.14294
First Namefirst_nameThe first name for the addressYesJohn
Middle Namemiddle_nameThe middle name for the addressNoEdward
Last Namelast_nameThe last name for the addressYesDoe
CompanycompanyThe address company nameNoAcme Inc
Street 1street_1The street address, line 1Yes20 W. 34th St.
Street 2street_2The street address, line 2NoSte 300
CitycityThe address cityYesNew York
Region/StateregionThe address region/state abbreviationYes2-character abbreviationNY
CountrycountryThe address country abbreviationYes2-character abbreviationUS
PostcodepostcodeThe address postcodeYes5-digit zip code10001
Phone NumberphoneThe address phone numberYesNo specific format required212-736-3100


If the address data format is incorrect when Subscribe Pro attempts to place a recurring order to a Magento 2 store, you may encounter an error. To find more information about the most common address-related error messages, click here.