System Requirements for Subscribe Pro - Magento 2 Integration

Subscribe Pro maintains our Magento integration extension with the goal of staying in sync with the latest Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise) releases, as well as maintaining compatibility with the latest Community release.

Latest Supported Version (M2)

Current Latest Supported Magento:

Version 2.4.6-p4

Version 2.4.7-beta2

All Supported Versions / Editions (M2)

Subscribe Pro supports the following versions of Magento 2 EE and CE:

Magento Version (EE & CE)Subscribe Pro Extension Version
2.1.x<= 1.0.20
2.2.x1.0.21 - 1.1.9
2.3.x>= 1.1.5
2.4.x>= 1.5.14
2.4.4>= 1.5.16
2.4.5>= 1.5.16
2.4.6>= 1.6.0

System Requirements (M2)

Your server environment must meet all system requirements for the installed version of Magento software.

Magento 2 System Requirements