Step 2: Apple Pay Merchant Domain Verification

To process payments through Apple Pay, your domain must be verified and linked to your Merchant ID.

  1. Login at the Apple Developer website with your Apple ID and click on the Account navigation link.

    Apple Developer Overview

  2. Click on Certificates, IDs & Profiles. Click Identifiers and then select Merchant IDs from the dropdown menu on the right. Click on your Merchant ID in the table.

    Apple Developer Merchant IDs

  3. Under Merchant Domains, click the Add Domain button.

    Apple Developer View Merchant Domain 1

  4. Enter the full domain of your store, including sub-domains. Then, click Save.

    For example: You do not need to enter sub-directories, such as

    Apple Developer View Merchant Domain 2

  5. Click Download to download the text file provided. This must be uploaded to a folder called /.well-known/ in the HTTP root of your server. Once it is in place, click the Verify button to confirm that it is working.

    Apple Developer Verify Merchant Domain