Creating Subscription Orders Via The Magento Admin

Our Magento 2 extension adds features to the Magento Admin panel to allow admin user (for example customer service reps) to place orders which create new subscriptions on behalf of a customer.

Video Walk-through

Steps to Create a Subscription Order

  1. In the Magento Admin, click “sales” and then “orders.”

    Magento 2 navigate to new order

  2. Click “create new order.”

    Magento 2 create new order

  3. Create a new customer or select an existing one.

    Magento 2 choosing customer for new order

  4. Click “add products” and search for a subscription product to add to the cart.

    Magento 2 adding products

  5. Select the product and click "Add Selected Products To Order"

    Magento 2 adding products

  6. On any products that will be subscriptions, switch the option to “regular delivery” and set the delivery frequency. Click “update.”

    Magento 2 set to regular deliver

  7. Click Update Items and Quantities to save the options to the cart.

    Magento 2 entering address

  8. Set the shipping method and payment method. Note: You should set the shipping method first, and then the payment method, to prevent the payment data from being cleared out.

    Magento 2 selecting shipping method

  9. Submit the order.

    Magento 2 submitting subscription order

  10. View the order and confirm that it has a subscription ID on the subscription line item.

Subscription ID on the Line Item