Step 4: Configure Apple Pay in Your Subscribe Pro Environment

  1. Log into the Subscribe Pro Merchant App and select the appropriate environment in the dropdown on the top left of the page.

  2. Navigate to System > Configuration and click the Payment Settings tab. Ensure Enable Apple Pay Support is set to Enable.

    Note: If the Apple Pay Payment Vault is not set to the correct payment vault, please contact [email protected].

    Subscribe Pro Payment Settings

  3. Navigate to System > Apple Pay Merchant Domains and click New.

    Subscribe Pro Payment Settings

  4. Enter your Apple Pay Merchant ID, Apple Pay Merchant Domain Name, and Apple Pay Merchant Display Name ("Description") into the appropriate fields. Open each of the following three files in a text editor and copy/paste the contents into the corresponding fields, and then click Save.

    • applepay.csr into Apple Pay Merchant Certificate | CSR
    • appleypay.key into Apple Pay Merchant Certificate | Private Key
    • merchant_id.pem into Apple Pay Merchant Certificate | Certificate

    Subscribe Pro Payment Settings