Magento 2 Shipping Configuration

In order to allow Subscribe Pro to place orders for physical goods that require shipping, you must configure Subscribe Pro to select a shipping method (also known as a rate quote) during order placement.

Basic Shipping Configuration

The Subscribe Pro Magento 2 integration has designed to support configuration of a shipping method code globally for an entire Subscribe Pro environment, or for each individual subscription.

To accomplish this, our Magento 2 integration supports the Always Use Default Shipping Method and Always Use Method From Subscription handling modes as listed here:

See more: Shipping Handling Modes.

Advanced Shipping Configuration

Subscribe Pro supports several more advanced approaches to selecting shipping methods.

ShipperHQ Integration

Our Magento 2 extension includes a fully featured integration with the ShipperHQ extension for Magento 2. This is our recommended approach for handling more complex shipping requirements for recurring orders (and others placed by Subscribe Pro).

See more: ShipperHQ Dynamic Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules

In the event that no other method of configuring shipping method selection (rate quote selection) meets your needs, Subscribe Pro is also able to implement rules using custom code. There may be additional professional services fees for utilizing this approach.

See more: MODE: Advanced Shipping Rules