Advanced Troubleshooting - Any M2 Ordering Errors

When Subscribe Pro places recurring orders on your Magento 2 e-commerce system, it does so via M2's REST API. Many different issues and conditions on the M2 system will result in an error message being return to Subscribe Pro. Any such error message and can be diagnosed with the following advanced troubleshooting steps.

Simulate Order Placement via Command Line (CLI)

A qualified Magento developer can use the script below to simulate order placement by Subscribe Pro to Magento 2.

Find our script on GitHub:

Script pre-requisites

  • A system with Bash command line interface (CLI)
  • PHP CLI installed - version 5.5 or newer

Example usage

git clone [email protected]:subscribepro/m2-api-ordering-script.git

cd m2-api-ordering-script

composer install

php index.php