Address Errors

When Subscribe Pro places orders via the Magento 2 API, one of the steps is to set the billing and shipping addresses. To do so successfully, the address data must be in the format expected by Magento. Otherwise, Subscribe Pro will receive an error message and the order will not be able to be placed successfully until the address data is fixed.

Common Error Messages

Here are some of the errors that we see commonly due to address data issues.

  • Unable to save shipping information. Please check input data. - This error usually occurs when the region or country are not in the proper abbreviated format (see the table below). To fix, update the country or region format and ensure all required fields are provided.
  • Please check the shipping address information. "{field_name}" is required. Enter and try again. This error can vary based on the field that is missing. To fix, add a value for any empty required fields.
  • The shipping address is missing. Set the address and try again. - This indicates that no shipping address is set on the subscription. To fix, edit the subscription and select the appropriate address.

To learn more about the address fields and required formatting for Magento 2, click here.