Magento 2 Order Callback

Subscribe Pro's Magento 2 extension allows you to take advantage of our Order Callback workflow instead of the typical workflow utilizing the Magento 2 API.

Note: Before setting this up, you will need a member of the Subscribe Pro support staff to enable your environment to utilize this workflow.

Setup / Configuration / Testing

Please complete the following steps in each system:

Submit Support Request

  1. Email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and request your Sandbox environment to be configured for Order Callback.

Inside Subscribe Pro

  1. Once you have a Subscribe Pro environment that is enabled for Order Callback your Store Connection configuration page will look like this:

    Order Callback Store Connection

  2. Update the Order Callback URL to be formatted like https://{domain and path to magento}/subscribepro/callback/order

  3. Generate and save a Shared Secret

    • A shared secret can be obtained by navigating to System > Webhook Endpoints Navigate to System > Webhook Endpoints
    • Click the button to create a New webhook. Create a New Webhook Endpoint
    • Copy the generated Shared Secret and paste it back in the Order Callback Shared Secret field in System > Configuration > Store Connection Copy/Paste Shared Secret

Inside Magento 2

  1. In Magento 2 Admin navigate to Stores > Configuration > Swarming > Subscribe Pro and paste the shared secret in the Order Callback Configuration > Shared Secret field. Magento 2 Order Callback Config

  2. Click Save Config


Now that order callback is conifigured you can place recurring orders using this workflow. As normal you will click the shopping cart icon from the Subscriptions or Customer Edit pages. This add the subscription to the order placement queue. Once the order callback request has been sent you can view the request / response in the log here in the new merchant app Environment Logs > Order Callback Events: Order Callback Event Log

Partial Orders

As of version 1.7.0 of the Magento 2 Module. The order callback workflow supports both of our Partial Order Modes

Error Class

In order to fully take advantage of the order callback workflow, you will need to map errors that occur during order placement back to error classes which will be included in the response. A list of order callback error classes is included in our documentation.