Supported Product Types - Magento 2

Subscribe Pro supports all standard product types available in Magento 2.

Please reference the official Magento 2 documentation on product types here:

Simple, Virtual, and Downloadable Products

Magento's Simple, Virtual, and Downloadable product types are fully supported.

Configurable Products

The Subscribe Pro system and the Magento 2 extension include support for Magento's Configurable product type.

When a customer subscribes to a configurable product, their subscription is associated with the parent configurable product SKU, and option IDs representing the configurations they chose during the add to cart process are saved on the subscription record.

It is also possible to change this behavior and associate configurable product subscriptions directly with the child product SKU. This can be done by modifying the code within the \Swarming\SubscribePro\Helper\Quote\QuoteItem\SubscriptionCreator::create() method.

Grouped Products

Subscribe Pro and the Subscribe Pro Magento extension include full support for Magento's Grouped product type. However, custom development is required to show the subscription widget on the Product Details Page for each item in the group.

Bundle Products

Subscribe Pro offers extensive, but not complete support for the Magento 2 Bundle product type.

Magento Bundle Product Type

A Bundle product lets customers “build their own” from an assortment of options. The bundle could be a gift basket, computer, or anything else that can be customized. Each item in the bundle is a separate, standalone product.

No Support for Dynamic SKU

This is not supported: Subscribe Pro does not support Dynamic Bundle SKUs

No Subscription Discount Support with Dynamic Pricing

It is known that when Dynamic Price is used on configurable products that the Subscription Discount is not applied whether it is a percent or fixed amount discount. Furthermore "Subscription Status" attribute in Shopping Cart Price Rules may or may not work with various configurations of Magento Bundle products.

Bundle Items

If adding a new option to "Bundle Items" section, the "Is Required" field needs be set to "Yes". If it's not, you'll be unable to add the bundle product as an order and will receive an error. Within the Subscribe Pro platform for that particular order, the error will reference "Please specify product option(s)".

Using Bundles for Subscription Boxes

A subscription box can be created in Subscribe Pro by using a Bundle product in Magento. Please see this page for more information about setting up a bundle subscription product.

  • In order for a subscription box setup to work, the bundle must use a fixed SKU.
  • If you plan on switching any of the child products included in the subscription box, the bundle will need to have a fixed price that is not changed depending on the child products. Additionally, you will need to manage the products that are included in the subscription box manually.

Custom Options

The Subscribe Pro Merchant App and extension support subscriptions for Magento products with Custom Options, except when configured with "SKU modifiers".

For more information on Custom Options see the Magento documentation.