Multi-Store / Multi-Website Configuration

The Subscribe Pro Solution is designed to work well multi-store and multi-website implementations of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento. Multi-store implementations may be done to handle related brands / brand families, or in some cases to support a range of countries, currencies and/or languages.

There are two basic methods for connecting Subscribe Pro to a multi-store implementation:

NOTE: Support for Multiple Currencies

To support multiple currencies, you must use the One Subscribe Pro Environment Per Store/Website method.

One Subscribe Pro Environment Per Store/Website

The Subscribe Pro system and e-commerce integrations are designed to be used with one Subscribe Pro Environment allocated for each website/store within your e-commerce platform instance.

Magento Currency Mapping

Subscribe Pro Environments can be mapped to only one currency. In order to use multiple currencies, you must use multiple Subscribe Pro Environments and multiple Magento websites.

NOTE: Magento itself supports only one "base currency" per website. Magento will conduct all payment transactions and orders in the base currency.

Some versions of Magento do also include a currency conversion feature which allows pricing to be displayed to customers in multiple currencies. Keep in mind that all payment transactions and orders will still be placed in the base currency for the website when using Magento's currency conversion features.

Single Subscribe Pro Environment - Multiple Stores/Websites (Advanced)

Subscribe Pro supports mapping multiple websites or stores to a single Subscribe Pro Environment and using multiple language translations for email template content and other customer facing content.

This method is supported in our integrations with the following e-commerce platforms:

  • Magento 1
  • Magento 2
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

REQUIRED: Shared Customer ID and Email

In order to support this configuration, customer records in each store/website must share the Customer ID and Email Customer attributes.

Please contact Subscribe Pro support staff for more details: [email protected]