Email Template Format

The format of the Subscribe Pro email templates are based on the fast, flexible and secure TWIG PHP template engine.

To edit the email templates we recommend a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS as our templates are based on these languages.

There are two basic parts you need to know about:

  • the subject
  • the body

Here is a example of an email template's code:

{% block subject -%} New Subscription Created {%- endblock %} {% block body -%}
  <a href="{{ magentoFrontendUrl }}"
    ><img src="{{ storeLogoUrl }}" alt="{{ storeName }}"
  <br />
  Your New Subscription is Created
  <br />
    Hi {{ fullName }},<br />
    <br />

  <p>Thank you for creating your subscription.</p>

  <p>Here are a few details on the subscription you created:</p>

    Next Date Your Subscription Ships On:
    <em>{{ subscriptionNextOrderDate|date('M d, Y') }}</em>
    <br />
    You receive your subscription every: {{ subscriptionInterval }}
    <br />
    {% if subscriptionCouponCode != '' %} Coupon Code applied to your
    subscription: <em>{{ subscriptionCouponCode }}</em>
    {% endif %}
  <p style="font-size:12px; margin:0;color:#c6c6c6;">
    Thank you,
    <strong><a href="{{ magentoFrontendUrl }}">{{ storeName }}</a></strong>
{%- endblock %}

Note the open and close tags for the Subject, and the open tag for the Body (line 1):

{% block subject -%} ... {%- endblock %} {% block body -%}

As well as the closing tag for the Body line (line 33).

{%- endblock %}

DO NOT change or alter these tags, they need to stay intact.

You can make any changes you wish to the HTML/CSS between the tags within the template, adding text, content, tables and even email template variables.