Manual Ordering

There are some cases where you want to manually place an order for one or more of a customer's subscriptions. For example, if the automated order attempt was unsuccessful, you may fix the customer's billing address, and then you want Subscribe Pro to reattempt an order for that customer.

Another example would be a customer who calls in to your customer service team via phone, and wants to receive their item right away (instead of waiting for their regularly scheduled shipment).

Retrying a Failed Order

Subscribe Pro supports retrying a failed order for a subscription, and keeping that subscription on its regular schedule should the order go through successfully.

Learn more about retrying an order here

Placing an Off-Cycle Order

If a customer would like an item immediately, but would not like to disrupt the regular schedule, you may place an Off-Cycle Order for the customer's subscription.

Learn more about placing off-cycle orders here