Advanced Scheduling

Subscribe Pro supports advanced scheduling rules to support more advanced use cases. These may require custom frontend development by your developers to create UX that understands and supports these more advanced schedules.

Click here to learn more about our basic interval-based scheduling that is available out-of-the-box in all of our eCommerce Platform integrations.

Schedule Types

Subscribe Pro supports the following types of advanced scheduling rules:

  • basic - This is similar to our basic interval-based scheduling, but supports "roll-forward" and "roll-back" functionality for next order dates when a month has fewer days than the previous month.
  • day_of_the_x - This is a flexible rule that allows scheduling such as "Every 15th of the Month", "Every 3rd Monday of the Month", etc. This is useful for batched box and club programs.
  • every_n_periods - This allows a dynamic number of periods to be configured per-subscription. This requires a custom frontend interface for defining the number and type of periods during subscription sign-up.

For technical details about the implementation of advanced rule types, click here.

Example: "Every 15th of the Month"

Here are the steps to set up an advanced scheduling rule for a product for which all recurring orders should be placed on the 15th of each month.

If you need assistance setting up an advanced scheduling rule to fit your requirements, please contact [email protected].

  1. To set up a new rule for a product, go to Manage > Subscription Products and edit the desired product.

  2. Scroll down to Scheduling Method and select Advanced Scheduling | Choose a Rule. By default, no rules will exist.

  3. Click Add Rule.

    Advanced Scheduling Mode

  4. Enter a rule name. This will be visible to your team within the Subscribe Pro Merchant App, and may be visible to customers on the frontend, depending on how your integration is built.

  5. Select Month for Period and enter 1 for Order Every N Periods

  6. Select the Day of the Month for Which Day Type, and enter 15 for Day Number.

  7. Enter a Next Threshold Period Days. This value represents the number of days ahead of the Day Number value that new customer signups will stop being added to the next upcoming batch. Subscriptions created after the threshold timeframe will receive the subsequent batch, but not the next upcoming one.

    Create a New Rule

    In the above example, if a customer visits your site on May 9 and signs up for the item, their order will be placed immediately and their next order date will be on May 15. If they visit on May 11 and sign up, their order will be placed immediately and their next order date will be June 15.