Using User-Defined Fields in the Merchant App

User-defined fields may be added, edited, deleted on all supported entity types via the Merchant App.

User-Defined Field on Customer Entity

Supported Entity Types

Data Model AreaEntity Type
CustomerCustomer Address
Customer(Item) Subscription
CustomerGroup Subscription
CatalogGroup Subscription Template

Field Types, Data Types, and Values

UDFs accept a unique Field Code (or UDF name), a Field Type, and a value. Values must be one of the data types accepted by the Field Type. See the chart below for all accepted Field Type and Data Type pairings.

Field TypeAccepted Data TypesSpecifications
Inputstring, number, booleanSingle line input
Text Areastring, numberMulti line input
Numberstring, numberOnly integers accepted
Currencystring, numberOnly integers accepted
SelectstringDrop down options must be defined in a UDF Definition first
DatedateEnter date through datepicker
Date-TimedatetimeEnter date and time through datepicker
CheckboxbooleanStored as true/false
JSONJSON object, JSON arrayFormating and error validation available


If the UDF field has a been configured through a UDF Definition with the "Validate Data" setting, SubscribePro will check that the data is in a valid format before allowing you to save.