Subscription Fulfillment Threshold

What is Subscription Fulfillment Threshold?

The subscription fulfillment threshold is a configuration setting on your environment that tells Subscribe Pro how many days in the past an Active subscription's Next Order Date can be and still have our system process a recurring order for that subscription.

Error message: "Next order date expired: ..."

If an Active subscription has a Next Order Date that is too many days old, it will automatically be set to a Failed status, and the error message will be: "Next order date expired: 20XX-XX-XX".

Next Order Date Expired

Configuring the Threshold

To find the threshold configuration setting, navigate to System > Configuration > Ordering Settings > Subscription Fulfillment Threshold in the Subscribe Pro Merchant App.

Subscription Fulfillment Threshold

This setting can only be updated by Subscribe Pro Support Staff. If you need assistance with modifying this threshold, please contact [email protected].