Accessing Reporting

This document provides an overview of the reporting available in Subscribe Pro's user interface. For information on accessing reports using an API, please see the document Report Codes

Classic App

There are multiple reporting options in the Subscribe Pro Classic App to help track subscriptions. The reporting can be accessed by selecting Reporting and then the associated report.

Report NameDescription
Daily Subscription ReportRecently updated and currently relevant subscriptions with details.
Complete Subscription ReportAll subscriptions in the environment.
Subscription Status History ReportA history of all status changes for subscriptions.
Expired Credit Card ReportAll payment methods with an expired credit card date.
Failed Subscription ReportAll subscriptions with the current status of 'Failed'.
Customer Activity ReportAll customer profiles.
Order History ReportOrder history records for all subscriptions.
Complete Sales Order ReportRecurring sales orders and details (generated by Subscribe Pro).
Complete Transaction ReportAll payment transactions.
Products ReportProduct details.
My DashboardAll custom reports are held here. Inquire with our support team for custom reporting costs by reaching out to mailto:[email protected].

New Merchant App

The New Merchant App has additional reporting that can be accessed by going to Reporting > Tabular Reporting.

Report NameDescription
Complete Subscriptions (Full Details) ReportAll subscriptions in the environment with additional fields.
Complete Group Subscriptions (Full Details) ReportAll group subscriptions in the environment with additional fields.
Subscription History Report (Awesome Edition)History records for all subscriptions with additional fields.
Trial Conversion ReportTrial offer conversions and subscription details.