The Subscribe Pro Merchant App

The Subscribe Pro Merchant App is a web-based application that you can log into securely from any web browser. The Merchant App is intended for two main uses:

  • Setting up and configuring the Subscribe Pro solution
  • Completing customer service functions necessary to manage your subscribers

What does it do?

The Merchant App allows you to view and manage:

  • Customers' virtual wallets, address books and subscriptions
  • Subscription history, sales orders and payment transactions
  • Transactional email and automatic ordering configuration
  • Subscription product and other Subscribe Pro configuration details

Get Started

Before you can use the Subscribe Pro Merchant App, you will need to set up your eCommerce Platform Integration.

You can log into the Subscribe Pro Merchant App here:

You need the following login credentials to access your environments:

  • Username or Email
  • Password

NOTE: If you are missing any of the Subscribe Pro Merchant App Credentials, please contact Subscribe Pro Support.

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