Getting Started

Steps for Customizing Email Templates

  1. You need to be logged into the Subscribe Pro Merchant App (your credentials should have been emailed to you, if you don't have them, contact Subscribe Pro Support):

    Subscribe Pro Merchant App Login

  2. Once logged in, navigate to System > Email Templates

    System > Email Templates

  3. You can then click on the Edit icon of the template you wish to edit/customize.

Automatic Ordering

  1. The email template content is in the text area field labeled Template Content, you can expand or collapse this box to the size you want to use to edit.

    <docs-image src="/images/merchant_app_system_email_templates_template_content_field_1.png" title="System > Edit Template Content" shadow=true rounded-corners=true></docs-image>
  2. Once the changes are made, be sure to click the Save button.

  3. You can then preview your changes by clicking the preview button next to the email template you just updated in the list of Email Templates.

    System > Preview Template Content

  4. You can also get a preview in email format by sending yourself a test email by clicking the email button next to the email template you just updated.

    System > Send Test Email