Restarting Failed Orders

Recurring orders may fail for a variety of reasons, most often due to credit card issues such as an expiration date that is passed, a lack of funds on the card, or a billing address mismatch issues. Below is our recommended process for restarting the subscription so that it can reattempt a recurring order.

  1. The Subscribe Pro system will send the admins an error email (to the email addresses entered in your Environment configuration for admin notification). These emails will provide details on which clients had failed orders.
  2. You can contact the client, letting them know their order failed, most likely that they need to update their credit card.
  3. The subscription will be marked as failed in Subscribe Pro.

failed order status

  1. Depending on the results of contacting the customer, you will update the subscription, and process a manual order (clicking on the Shopping Cart under Actions) to the right of the order. If needed update the interval for the subscription.

Manual Order Button

  1. If the order goes through successfully, you will set the subscription to active, and set the next order date as appropriate, and it will proceed as normal.